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Gardening: Building Self-Esteem Through Embracing Peacefulness And Renewal

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For people looking for an activity that can provide significant improvements in both their physical and mental health, gardening is a great option to consider. The process of gardening provides moderate activity and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety while strengthening the brain, but it can also improve your self-esteem, sleep, and mood as well.TG 2016 color

Gardening has a positive impact on one’s self-esteem

The Independent details a study that demonstrated some of the positive health impacts that come as a result of gardening. Even moderate amounts of time spent gardening each week can spark major improvements in one’s self-esteem. Your sense of well-being can increase from many outdoor activities such as gardening, walking, and farming, and the time investment doesn’t even need to be all that significant. When it comes to outdoor activities, gardening is hard to beat since it is such a versatile and flexible hobby.

Dot Com Women breaks down some of the ways that your self-esteem can be positively impacted by some simple gardening. For example, the process of planning, planting, and tending to a garden can provide a sense of achievement as well as a sense of purpose. The process of gardening is relaxing for most enthusiasts and studies have shown that it serves to reduce stress and anxiety while also lifting one’s mood.

The process of gardening can spark social connections and peacefulness

li vegYour self-esteem can also get a boost via gardening due to the social outlet that it can be. For some people, this comes via a community or urban garden setting and for others it’s by connecting with people at a garden center or in the neighborhood as they work on their home garden. Gardening can be a solitary activity for those looking to regroup and reflect on their lives, or it can be a way to connect with others for those who thrive on being social.

The Telegraph notes that gardening tends to help people clear and calm their minds, providing a consistent opportunity to decompress from work or other stressors. The experience of working in a garden can bring about a peacefulness and renewal that improves your mood and boosts your self-esteem. Even if you are feeling anxious or stressed as you begin your gardening session, the odds are high that your mood will brighten by the time you are done digging in the dirt.

Gardening is accessible to virtually everybody

People may be overwhelmed by the idea of tackling activities such as meditation or yoga for mindfulness and peacefulness, and those are activities that don’t necessarily resonate with everybody. Gardening, however, is accessible to just about anybody, regardless of age, income, or environment, and the therapeutic qualities have benefits for all groups of people.IMG_2522

Gardening can be done as a small project on a patio or even indoors, or it can expand to become a daily activity as you embrace the opportunity to plan, plant, and tackle questions like whether you do or don’t use herbicides within your space. Even minimal amounts of time spent gardening each week can improve your self-esteem and overall mood, and the benefits expand as you spend more time in the garden.

People who garden tend to experience increased fitness from the moderate exercise that comes from gardening, and gardening can be quite helpful in tackling issues such as stress, depression, and even dementia. In addition, gardening can also increase self-esteem, peacefulness, and mindfulness, and those qualities can have a big impact on how one copes in their everyday life. No matter how old you are or how much space you have to work with, taking up gardening can provide significant physical and mental health benefits that reinforce how useful it is as a hobby for all types of people.




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