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Table Height Gardening

Now available in the “Classic” or the “Modern Colorful” styles, both available in the Standard, Deluxe or KinderGarden sizes.  TableGarden’s patented design takes raised-bed gardening to a new height . . . table height! Discover the advantages of raised-bed flower or vegetable gardening without bending, stooping or kneeling.


Easy on the Planet

The TableGarden, raised-bed planting system is made in America in redwood. The two-part base that holds the soil is made from a unique combination of a recyclable nursery-grade plastic grate and a thick, water permeable felt pad made from re-purposed plastic water bottles. Together, they hold just enough moisture in to keep your plants happy, while preventing the root rot that can come from over watering.


Easy on your body

Whether the ideal spot for your raised-bed garden is a sunny corner of your yard or shaded place on your patio or balcony, the TableGarden lets you grow many of your favorite plants where you want to grow them, and in a garden bed that’s raised to a convenient height for standing or sitting. And because of the TableGarden’s unique patented design, only 2.5 cubic feet of potting mix (one large bag) is required to grow a table full of salad greens, or your favorite herbs, flowers or succulents in our Standard TableGarden.  The deeper, Deluxe TableGarden requires just 5.5 cubic feet of potting mix while accommodating deeper rooted plants.

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TableGarden was designed to be compact for easy delivery right to your front door so you can start raised-bed gardening without wasting a day at the lumber yard or hardware store buying wood, screens, wheels, screws, bolts and washers. With a TableGarden  there’s no need to measure, cut and build a traditional raised-bed garden or haul home multiple bags of planting mix to fill it.

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The TableGarden’s unique design allows simple assembly by just one person in less than 5 minutes. The only tools required are a common, household Phillips head screwdriver and a wrench or pair of pliers. And placing TableGarden’s waist-high garden bed in that special garden spot, or moving it anytime, is made easy with the pre-installed wheels.

Easy on you, tough on pests

Because the TableGarden allows you to work in your raised-bed garden comfortably at table height, it’s very hard for pests to invade your TableGarden. So whether your “pests” are weeds, grass, insects, rabbits, dogs, or even young children, the TableGarden lets your plants grow in peace in a garden that isn’t just raised on the ground– it’s raised above the ground.

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